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Iğdır is the single city that neighbours 3 countries, far east of Turkey, sees magnificient Mount Ararat, watches Aras (Araxes) with all its beauty. Lands where history and nature meets. This land hosted many civilizations as it located on historical migration routes, is a beautiful place that owed each kind of richness that many cultures came together. As it owed approximately 850 altitude with rarely seen climate in the region, made it the address of abundance.

A new science center that raised in the heart of this magic center. Iğdır University with its new mission and mission aims to catch the age, be modern and continually developing University.

Iğdır University has School of Applied Sciences, School of Physical Education and Sports, Iğdır Vocational School, Health Services Vocational School, Technical Sciences Vocational School, Tuzluca Vocational School in addition to the Faculty of Agriculture, Theology, Engineering, Science and Faculty of Science and Letters, Fine Arts, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Tourism. In addition to these, there are many research and application centers besides the departments such as Institute of Science, Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Health Sciences. Our students, who are well educated by 280 academic staffs who are experts in their fields, are prepared for a future that will enable them to graduate and be successful in their business life.

We offer opportunities to take advantage of student exchange opportunities with many bilaterally agreed universities in abroad, notably Erasmus and Mevlana programs. As a university, we have designed all our physical conditions for this purpose (Medico-Social complex, Conference rooms, lecture hall, information and foreign language classes, laboratory, library etc.).

Iğdır University, on the other hand, spends every effort to support the personal and social development of our young people apart from their academic development. In order to improve our students' cultural sense, we organize events such as conferences, seminars and symposiums concerts, and theatre and concerts to improve their artistic and aesthetic values through the university facilities and sometimes with our student communities.

That is why we would like to see our dear young people among us for their education at Iğdır University, where we believe that they will develop quality education and university social and personal development in the most suitable environment. Let's prepare together in the future! Meet at Igdır University where your energy and our accumulations meet and a new synergy emerges.

Iğdır University, Iğdır / TURKEY • Tel  (pbx): +90 476 226 13 14 • e-mail: info@igdir.edu.tr