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Postgraduate Education Institute - Zootechnics - Animal Science

General Description
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Second Cycle
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Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning (Formal, Non-Formal and Informal)
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
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Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Graduation Requirements
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Key Learning Outcomes
1Increasing of knowledge about animal breeding, feeds and animal nutrition and biometrics-genetics majors after undergraduate program and having ability to carry out scientific research.
2Gaining skills for estabilishing a hypothesis, for develoging of solution methods, for application of the results in the practical area.
3Improvement of strategy, political policy and plans and skills for evaluation of results by in the limits of guality ariterra.
4Skills for becoming sensitive to developments and events in the world
5Skills for using knowledge about animal science in the interdiciplinary Works.

TYYÇ - Programme Outcomes - Base Scope Relationship
TYYÇProgramme OutcomesBase Scope
Course Structure Diagram with Credits
T : Theoretical P: Practice L : Laboratory
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