Description of Individual Course Units
Course Unit CodeCourse Unit TitleType of Course UnitYear of StudySemesterNumber of ECTS Credits
190400905103HEALTH LAWCompulsory354
Level of Course Unit
First Cycle
Objectives of the Course
The student the basic concepts of health law, the provisions of the legislation they are responsible for the working life of the patient and the healthcare worker's rights, criminal, civil and professional responsibilities, informed consent, medical malpractice causing processes, knowledge of certification is intended to be.
Name of Lecturer(s)
Prof.Dr.Recep GÜLŞEN
Learning Outcomes
1Health legislation, history, basic concepts, general information on the patient-health care workers to have a relationship with
2Health professionals are responsible for working life to be familiar with the legal regulations.
3Health Employee Criminal, Legal, Professional and Administrative Responsibilities to be informed about.
4The concept of informed consent and be informed about the importance of.
5Incorrect Evaluation of Medical Knowledge Acquisition and Compensation Law Criminal Law of applications.
6Fields of Expertise Process Certification and Reporting Errors in Medical Practice Education Institutions have knowledge of
7Leading the process of medical malpractice evaluation of health care workers and patient care,
8Responsibilities and rights of health professionals working within the context of labor law, the task of knowing.
9Civil servants, health care workers within the scope of the duties, responsibilities and rights to have information about
10The community served by health care professionals, knowledge of the ethical responsibilities of the profession against
Mode of Delivery
Daytime Class
Prerequisites and co-requisities
Recommended Optional Programme Components
The minimum qualifications for the course to be expected from the students. (Class attendance, course topics come prepared)
Course Contents
Introduction - Introduction and Course Related General Description - History, Basic Concepts of Legislation, Health Law, Basic Concepts, health-related concepts within the scope of the Constitution, the basic law of Health Services, Public Health Act, Patient and Health Care Worker Rights-Responsibilities, within the scope of labor law, health care workers rights and responsibilities under the law of universal health insurance and social insurance rights and responsibilities of health professionals, legislation, Emergency Medical Services, Health, employee criminal Legal Professional and Administrative responsibilities, and the results and solutions Malpractice, Medical Response and Compliance with Law - law and legislation - ethical Approach to Process Leading to medical malpractice, faulty Medical Practice and Criminal Law Assessment in terms of responsibility and compensation, discipline and ethical responsibilities.
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
1Introduction - Introduction and General Description of Course X
2Basic concepts related to legislation X
3Health-related concepts within the scope of the Constitution and the rights and responsibilities of health professionals X
4Legal rights and responsibilities of health professionals within the scope of the Labour Law X
5Provisions of the legislation on the appointment and transfer of health professionals X
6Universal Health Insurance and Social Security legal rights and responsibilities under the health care workers X
7Patient Rights and responsibilities of employees' responsibilities under the Health Workers X
8Midterm Exam X
9Introduction to Legal Responsibilities of Health Workers X
10Legal responsibility X
11Informed consent and responsibility X
12Disciplinary Responsibility X
13Incorrect Medical Practice and Criminal Law and Compensation Assessment in terms of the responsibility X
14Process-Malpractice Expert Witness and Media X
15Final exam X
16Final examX
Recommended or Required Reading
M. Hakan Hakeri: Medical Law, 12th Edition, Ankara, Seçkin Publishing House, 2017.
Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Midterm Examination1100
End Of Term (or Year) Learning ActivitiesQuantityWeight
Final Examination1100
Term (or Year) Learning Activities40
End Of Term (or Year) Learning Activities60
Language of Instruction
Work Placement(s)
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesNumberTime (hours)Total Work Load (hours)
Midterm Examination111
Final Examination122
Makeup Examination122
Attending Lectures14342
Individual Study for Mid term Examination12020
Individual Study for Final Examination12020
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
* Contribution Level : 1 Very low 2 Low 3 Medium 4 High 5 Very High
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