Iğdır University Introduction
Application and Registration Procedure
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Foundation of Iğdır University dates back to Iğdır Vocational High School.  Iğdır Vocational High School was founded in 1995 as a branch of Kafkas University. At that time, Business Administration was the  only department so the department began to study with 20 students, 16 lecturers, 1 servant and 1 officer.

Rapid improving Iğdır Vocational High Schoool founded 8 formal training and 5 evening education and aquired over 1500 students in a short time. We attempted to found   a faculty since  2001 and we achieved in 2006. Iğdır Agricultural Faculty was founded in 2006 as a branch of Kafkas University. As a result of difficult works, Iğdır Agricultural Faculty ranked among 2008 training guide  and the faculty began to study with 30 students. And of even date, it was decided to found Iğdır University in 2008-2009 School Year.

Professor Doctor İbrahim Hakkı YILMAZ was appointed as rector and Iğdır University began to study officially.  The University of Iğdır made progress in a short time with with the support of the people living in Iğdır and its executives. Iğdır University has been contributing greatly to Iğdır and its neighbourhood since it was established.

We have 6 faculties, 1 graduate school, 4 Vocational School, 3 institutes, 4 Research and Application  Center. In addition, we have 375 academic and administrative staff and 3896 students. So our university has been taking firm steps forward to become a respected university in our region and in Turkey.

Iğdır University, Iğdır / TURKEY • Tel  (pbx): +90 476 226 13 14 • e-mail: info@igdir.edu.tr